Elizabeth takes care of your pets as if they were her own.  I have several that require special care and attention, and I never have to worry about their welfare when they are with Elizabeth.  In fact, they always seem a little bit disappointed when we come home and she leaves!  During our last trip, our newest addition – a sweet little beagle who has been severely traumatized and had to have a portion of his jaw removed – was the recipient of several new toys perfect for his mouth and chewing abilities.  The are still his favorites.  But better yet, Elizabeth had made great progress in helping him begin to overcome his fear and anxiety.  He has been making great strides ever since, and we are extremely grateful.

She provides us with frequent pictures, videos, and updates on each of our dogs so I know they’re happy and healthy.  With her training and experience, she can handle any health issue or emergency that comes up.  I trust my dogs to no one – but I trust them with Elizabeth.